Demola Open Day

2015. március 2.

2014. március 4-én 17.00-tól nyílt napot tart a Demola, az új projekekre március 8-ig lehet jelentkezni.

Helyszín: V1 csarnok

Demola Budapest recruit youngsters and form multidisciplinary teams to solve real company challenges by co-creating solutions together. Within 3-4 months we help our teams to go through our "Ideate --> Create --> Validate" innovation cycle multiple times and learn during the process about teamwork, entrepreneurship, innovation, value creation and the field of the problem you are working on. 

Good news is, student teams own their solution, and the company partner has the opportunity to buy it from you if you create real value.

Open Day


Hope to meet you Wednesday at our open day, interesting people, further info, good coffee are guaranteed!

Apply to Demola projects according to your preference until 8 March 23.39!