Erasmus and exchange

Thank you for your interest in choosing BME VIK to study abroad as an (Erasmus) exchange student. This page contains information to design your study plan. Please read the notes carefully before checking out the available courses and project laboratory or thesis work topics for your study plan.

Note 1: You are requested to submit your application for an exchange semester at BME VIK using the e-admission system (please check the instructions under the following link at the Central Academic Office homepage). Only on-line applications are accepted with Online Learning Agreements.

Note 2: Exchange student status excludes seeking a degree at BME.

Note 3: Restrictions due to limited infrastructure capacities may apply.

Note 4: Exchange students are encouraged to select courses from the same degree program and from the same year of the curriculum. Otherwise the Faculty cannot guarantee the absence of scheduling conflicts in the timetables. This degree program page is for information only, all courses offered are officially listed on the CAO information page under the name of the faculty.

Note 5: Exchange students must observe the academic calendar and BME’s Code of Studies which is regulating the studies, exams and other academic matters.

Note 6: No evaluation or grading is possible after the departure of the exchange students and/or outside the regular periods.

Note 7: Prerequisites of courses are not checked. The exchange student is held responsible to get the required prerequisites at his/her home institution as part of his/her previous studies. 

Note 8: BME runs ECTS compatible credit system. An English language transcript of academic records is provided after the semester has been completed..

Note 9: Special regulations may apply if using some dedicated resources (laboratory, equipment, etc.) during the studies. Students may be declined to obtain credit if they disobey these regulations.

Note 10: Course data, descriptions and their programming in the curriculum are subject to change without notice. The lists and course descriptions have no contractual value and they are provided as preparatory information for exchange students. The Faculty does not guarantee that all courses are offered every semester.

Note 11: Courses available at other BME faculties to exchange students are listed on the information page of the CAO prepared directly for Erasmus+ students. As exchange agreements usually specify the field of studies, restrictions may apply.

Course offer

Available project laboratory and thesis work topics (further restrictions apply, check the introduction in the document)


Academic information:  Dr. Péter Kiss  Faculty Erasmus coordinator  ·  E-mail

Application information (exchange only): E-mail

Erasmus Student Network at BME: