Bulletin 2018/19

B.SC. PROGRAMS (current)

Electrical Engineering (program descriptionsimplified roadmap, prerequisites)

Computer Engineering (program descriptionsimplified roadmap, prerequisites)

M.SC. PROGRAMS (current)

Electrical Engineering

Main specializations:

  • ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS (first enrollment 2016 spring)
  • EMBEDDED SYSTEMS (first enrollment 2016 fall)
  • MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS AND SERVICES  (first enrollment 2017 fall)

Secondary specializations:

  • OPTICAL COMMUNICATION (first enrollment 2017 fall)
  • SMART CITY (first enrollment 2016 spring)
  • SMART SYSTEMS INTEGRATION (first enrollment 2016 fall)

Computer Engineering

Main specializations:

  • APPLIED INFORMATICS  (first enrollment 2017 fall)
  • INTERNET ARCHITECTUREAND SERVICES (first enrollment 2016 fall)

Secondary specializations

  • SMART CITY (first enrollment 2016 spring)
  • CLOUD AND PARALLEL SYSTEMS (first enrollment 2016 fall)

PhD program

Admission to the PhD program  ·  Scoring in the admission procedure  ·  Research topics announced:  in electrical engineering  ·  in informatics engineering

Subjects  ·  Information about the complex review exam of the PhD program  ·   Statement for Complex Exam application



B.Sc. and M.Sc. Programs:  Dr. Eszter Udvary  ·  E-mail
Ph.D. Programs:  Prof. Dr. János Levendovszky  ·  E-mail