Frequently asked questions about our PhD programs and the answers

Table of Contents:

General information about BME and the studies

How many different PhD programs do you offer? What are they?

We offer two different programs:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering

For further information, please check the following websites:

How long does it take to complete the PhD programs?

PhD programs: 8 semesters.

For further information, please check the following website:

Can I ask about the subjects that are in the curriculum?

The curriculum is summarized here:, and the (elective) courses announced for the forthcoming semester are listed here:

The description of all the courses is available here:
Please note that not every course is announced in the forthcoming semester.

What does the programme cost?

For fee-paying students it costs EUR 4,500/semester.

I would like to know if PhD in Computer Engineering program is updated for Informatics Engineering?

Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Informatics are exchangeable concepts in Hungary. That is, these 4 expressions cover the same training programme.

What are the key University dates?

Please find all dates in the Academic calendar below: >> For current students >> General information

Can you tell me something about the Hungarian higher education system?

In Hungary we have the 3-cycle system of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes, supplemented by undivided master’s programmes in certain fields. In order to get a degree, students should fulfill all the study and credit requirements, as well as the additional graduation requirements set for the given programme.

Is it possible to enroll in both fall and spring semester?

Yes, it is.

Is there an option for studying at night and/or at the weekends (due to the work)?

No, there are no evening or weekend classes available at our Faculty.

Where are classes taught?

Most classes are taught in one of the buildings in the Campus.

When are classes taught?

Classes are generally taught from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. >> For current students >> General information

Are there many international students at BME?

Yes, there are a lot. Every year thousands of foreign students arrive from all over the world to study in Hungary. Some of them come with different scholarship programmes (e.g. Erasmus+, Stipendium Hungaricum, etc.), while others pursue self-financed studies.

Is there any useful information you can give me before going to Hungary?

Please read below:

Can you give me some information about studying in Hungary in general?

Please read below:

What are the available scholarships the university can offer?

There are two of them:

Are there any sports facilities at BME?

Please see this site for information on doing sports at BME:

Documents (permits, certificates, student cards, insurance, etc.)

Where can I get a certified copy of my transcripts?

PhD students should ask the international coordinators in Room QBF05 to print them one or to send them by e-mail.

I am going to renew my passport and I need a certificate of my student status to prove that I am an active student. Can you provide me this please?

PhD students should ask the international coordinators in Room QBF05 to print them one or to send them by e-mail.

Can you give me a student status certificate while I am on a passive semester that proves I will continue my studies next semester because I need it for the extension of my residence permit?

We are not allowed to issue a document that states you will continue your studies in the next semester. We can only issue such certificate if you have already registered as an active student or we can issue a student status certificate that states you are on a passive semester.

What are the needed documents regarding the extension to be submitted to the TPF? I will register for two consecutive passive semesters.

There are 2 requirements concerning the extension request:

  • You will have to submit a request to Tempus at least one month before the last scholarship semester (either the end of May or the end of December). You will have to attach the approval of our university, also of the sending partner for your country, as well as the transcript of your records. (Concerning the BME approval, please contact us on
  • You should send your request to Tempus before the deadline even if you haven’t got the approval letters yet.

If your student residence permit will not lose its validity when you register for a passive semester, so you can use it until its original expiry date. However, if you want to stay here after that, you should find a job and apply for a residence permit for the purpose of employment. For the details, please visit this page of the Immigration Office website:

How can I extend my residence permit?

You will need a certificate of active student status from the CAO and take that, also your address card and flat lease contract to the Immigration Office. For more information, please visit the mentors' website (

Also, you will need your scholarship period extended. The Immigration Office requires an official document to see why and how you want to stay here longer.

How can I extend my residence permit under employment?

If you have a work contract with your company, you can apply for a residence permit for the purpose of employment. Please read the details on this page of the Immigration Office website:

How can I get a temporary student ID?

  • Please submit the E066 request and attach your NEK data sheet
  • Remember to record your address in Budapest as your temporary address (in addition to your permanent address in your home country!) in Neptun
  • If your personal data in Neptun are not fully identical to those on your NEK data sheet, please make the necessary changes in Neptun. If there’s any difference in these data in the 2 places, the national system won’t consider them as belonging to the same person. Your NEK data sheet is the standard.
  • Once your request is submitted, it will be under process for some time until you will get a reply in Neptun that you can go and pick it up.
  • Please note that temporary student IDs are valid only for 2 months so if you do not get your permanent student card within these 2 months you will have to submit a new E066 request following the same procedure until you have your permanent student card

How can I apply for a permanent student card?

If you are a student staying at BME longer than 12 months you have to apply for a permanent student card. It usually takes quite a few months until it actually arrives this way you should also submit a request for a temporary student ID while your permanent card is being processed.

  • Go to any registration office where you can officially apply for a permanent student card. There they will take a photo of you and have your main data registered. You get a form with a code in the top right corner called NEK identifier.
  • Please make sure all your data on the issued NEK-document is correct! The data on the NEK document have to be exactly the same as the data registered in the Neptun system (if not, your student card request will be rejected)! When you have your NEK sheet you can submit a request in Neptun
  • Go to “Administration” -> “Student card request” -> “Add new”
    Here you need to type in:
    • your NEK identifier (capital letters without hyphens)
    • demand type where you can select the reason of your request (e.g. first application, due to data change, lost, new request due to false data).
    • your address

Your student card will be posted directly to BME. As soon as the card is available, you be will informed in Neptun.

What shall I do if my permanent student card got damaged or lost?

  • If your name in Neptun is exactly the same as it is on your student card:
    • In Administration, choose “Student Card request”. (Not within “Requests”. There’s a specific item for the plastic card directly in the Admin. drop-down list.)
    • Click on “Add new”.
    • In the appearing window:
      • NEK identifier: copy it from your request of 2016
      • Demand type: select the last item in the drop-down list, shown in Hungarian - see on the below screenshot
      • click on Save, leaving the Training and the Street address as they are, and leaving the other 2 boxes empty
  • If your name in Neptun is not exactly the same as it is on your student card (i.e.: it has been changed in Neptun since you submitted your card request 2 years ago):
    • Go to a National Customer Service Office and get a new NEK data sheet. Make sure to give your name exactly as it is in Neptun. (If there’s any slight difference, the national system won’t identify the names in the 2 places as belonging to the same person!)
    • The procedure in Neptun is the same as above, except for 2 steps:
      • NEK identifier: copy the code from your new NEK data sheet - all in capital letters, without any hyphens!
      • Demand type: select “Due to data change”

In both cases, you will be notified when your new card is ready.

Is there anything else besides public transport that I can use my student card for?

65% discount when buying monthly pass for public transport (diákbérlet).
50% discount on travelling by train.
50% discount on membership fee in public libraries.
50-100% discount on entrance fee in particular museums.

How will I get health care service?

Insurance is the condition of both the enrolment at the university and the residence permit.

Health insurance costs about EUR 120 / semester. For EU citizens, a valid European Health Insurance Card is necessary.

For further information: >> Admission >> Regular students >> General Information >> General information for Admission

Currently I am working as an intern at a company and I pay my tax and also my insurance (I have the TAJ number already). Do I still have to pay extra insurance to register at University?

If you have a valid TAJ card, you don’t have to buy a separate health insurance. Please make a copy of your TAJ card, and attach that as proof of your insurance.


Can I change my major from Electrical Engineering to Computer Science Engineering?

It may only be allowed to students who have started their first semester and the request for the change should be submitted until 1st December. The transfer would be allowed based on some other criteria:

  • The Head of the Doctoral School must give his/her consent to the transfer after which you would get an official approval letter

Your Sending partner should also approve of your transfer

  • Tempus foundation must also give its consent to it and if they do
  • Your studies should be set accordingly in Neptun

Please note that switching from one training programme to the other doesn’t give you exemption from any requirements. The matching subjects can be recognised through credit transfer (you will have to submit an E024 request for this), but the subjects that have no match should be completed additionally.

Is it possible to transfer my studies from XY University to BME?

According to the new policy of the University, it is not possible for Stipendium Hungaricum students.

Can I transfer from XY Faculty of BME to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering?

These are the steps for admission:

  • You should send your application documents (language certificate your transcript or screenshot of your records so far in Neptun) to this e-mail address:
  • the Doctoral School will examine your documents and makes a decision
  • you will be informed the further steps

In case of transferring to your university, can I transfer my completed subjects?

A completed subject can be recognised here only if its syllabus and learning outcomes match those of a subject of our curriculum by at least 75% and you haven’t earned a degree in the same field yet.

Is it possible to enroll in the middle of October?

The final deadline to join in is 1st October. That is, you should arrive in Budapest and register with the faculty in person until the last Friday in September the latest.

If you can’t make it, you should request the postponement of your enrolment by either 1 or 2 semesters. You can choose between the two postponement periods.

Where exactly can I register for a passive semester?

Please log in your Neptun account and under “Administration” go to “Enrolment/Registration”. Registration for the next semester will be available after the exam period ends. You will get an info letter about this from the Central Academic Office.

Am I entitled to get all the student benefits while I’m on a passive semester?

No, you won’t receive any student benefits (e.g.: student travel pass). On the other hand, you can work full time all through the semester.

What could be the reasons of dismissal?

According to Section 39 [dismissal for academic reasons] of the BME Code of Studies ( >> For current students >> Rules and regulations >> Code of studies and examinations) programs), the following rules apply to dismissed students:

“(1) The Student’s legal status is terminated […] if

a) the student fails to obtain the leaving certificate (absolutorium) upon the expiry of twice the programme duration …,
b) the total number of the student’s unsuccessful exams […] in the same programme and same subject […] reaches six,
c) the student fails to obtain the credit points for the same subject in the same programme […] having taken the same subject six times,
d) the student’s cumulative grade point average on a bachelor training programme […] does not reach the value of 2.25 at the end of the fourth active term after enrolment,
f) the student did not obtain at least 20 credit points in the last three active terms.

Can I work full-time and earn my degree?

If you want to work full-time during the study period, you should take a passive semester. As it’s written in Title 16 (Sections 35-37) of the BME Code of Studies >> For current students >> Rules and regulations >> Code of studies and examinations) programs), you can have maximum 2 passive semesters in a row, and altogether maximum 4.

Is there any possibility to have internship at BME?

No, we cannot offer any internship opportunities to international students.

What certificates do students get at graduation?

Degree certificate: official document issued in Hungarian and foreign languages, certifying the higher education qualifications and skills.

Diploma supplement: official document, issued by the University in Hungarian and English, certifying the knowledge, skills and competencies acquired by the student during the studies leading to the acquisition of the degree certificate, as well as providing information about the qualification level and the exam results.

How much time does it take for a request to be processed?

You will see in Neptun when the decision has been made. It ususally takes quite some time, depending how many requests have to be processed.

I have heard the term: absolutorium many times. What does it mean?

It is basically a leaving certificate that certifies that students have successfully passed the exams set in the curriculum (apart from passing the language exam and completing the bachelor or master thesis) and that they have obtained the necessary number of credits.

What does ’delayed completion period’ mean?

It’s a period for retaking or repeating the evaluations of learning outcomes completed in the study period. There are no contact lessons in the delayed completion period.

What is the recommended amount of credit one should take each semester?

Students should complete 30 credits that means 900-hour workload each semester.

What is the amount of credits one must complete by the end of the programme?

PhD programme: min. 240 credits (30 credits x 8 semeters)

The recommended study plan shows you how many credits you should take each semester to have an even amount of workload. You can deviate from it, completing less than 30 credits in one semester and more than 30 in another. What’s important is to have the required subjects and credits completed by the end of your studies.

What is the minimum credit requirement that I have to complete each semester?

You should complete altogether min. 15 credits/semester

What is the maximum credit number I can take each semester?

The maximum number of credits is 45 credits/semester

Can you let me know about the list of courses?

The lists of elective subjects is available under

Can you tell me what the letters mean in the subject codes?

For ex.: BMEVIETMA03

  • *** - University
  • ** - Faculty
  • ** - Department
  • * - Programme
    • BSc: ‘A’
    • MSc: ‘M’
    • PhD: ‘D’
  • *** - special code of the subject given by the department


Where can I find the exam timetable (mid-term, retake, final, etc.) with the dates?

The exact time of exams is assigned by the teachers in Neptun before the exam period.

What is the difference between exam period and final exam period?

The final exam concerns only graduating students, the exam period is for all students having exams.

I have failed my exam. Can I retake it?

In the case of subjects that should be completed by taking an exam in the exam period, it is possible to take this exam in any later exam period without taking the classes again if you already have the signature, i.e. if you have fulfilled the attendance and midterm requirements, but couldn’t pass the exam.

What are the differences between Test 0, Placement test and E-test?

Test 0: after enrollment, students need to write an entry test of a given subject (0 mid-term)
Placement test: entry test for fee-paying students
E-test: entrance exam for Stipendium Hungaricum students

What is mid-term exam exactly?

It is a written type of exam and evaluation which is supervised by a teacher with a completion time frame of 30 minutes or more.

Should I ask the teacher of the subject to provide an exam course along with the normal course or this happens by default without me asking the teacher to do it?

You should ask the teacher to have one opened by his department. The exam course described in the Code of Studies (Section 23 (8) a) and b), is obligatory in every term.

In the registration period, should I register the exam course AND the subject itself, or only the exam course?

You can’t register for any course, including the exam course, without registering for the subject first.

Please note that re-registering for a subject has a fee of HUF 4500 per course, which will be charged on you later.

Do I have to pay for retaking an exam?

And if I register for the exam and then drop it, do I need to pay again?

You don’t have to pay for the 1st retake, but all further attempts will be charged.

You can register for and deregister from the exams until 24 hours before their official starting time without paying any penalty fee. If you don’t show up at a registered exam and if you can’t justify your absence with an official document (e.g.: a medical certificate), you will have to pay a penalty fee.

I have already gone to classes but failed the exam. I have a signature from the subject which I would like to repeat and learn what I missed last semester. Can I do that?

If you want to attend the classes, you can do so, but make sure you discuss with the teacher(s) that you are present only because you think that might help you to prepare for the exam.

How many times am I allowed to take an exam?

The number of exam attempts in a subject is limited to 6 which means you have altogether 5 retake options in an exam. If you can’t pass the exam even at the 6th attempt, you will be automatically dismissed from the university.

I am not satisfied with my exam result and I would like to retake this exam. Can I retake this exam during one of the following semesters?

Yes, you can, but for this, you should register for the subject again, after paying the related administration fee of HUF 4500. For the detailed rules, please read Section 63 [Re-registering for a subject to improve the grade] of the BME Code of Studies ( >> For current students >> Rules and regulations >> Code of studies and examinations).

Is there a chance for me to improve my grades?

Grade improvement is when you have a passing grade, that is you have already passed the exam (= you’ve got a grade better than 1), but you are not satisfied with the result, so you want to try it again for a better result.

Is it possible to take the 0-credit P. E. class?

Please check this page: (scroll down for the contacts).

Questions related to the Stipendium Hungaricum program

What are the available scholarships I can apply for?

  • Stipendium Hungaricum is a scholarship program for foreign students, founded by the Hungarian Government in 2013. The program aims to promote cultural understanding, economic and cultural relations between Hungary and other countries.
    The program offers

    • no tuition fee
    • monthly stipend: for doctoral programs it is HUF 140,000 /month (cca EUR 420) for the first phase of education (4 semesters) and HUF 180 000 (cca EUR 540) for the second phase (4 semesters), for 12 months a year, until completion of studies
    • additional contribution to accomodation costs: HUF 40,000/month (cca EUR 120)
    • health care services according to the relevant Hungarian legislation (Act No. 80 of 1997, national health insurance card) and supplementary medical insurance for up to HUF 65 000 (cca EUR 205) a year/person
    • Further info:
  • The Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People (SCYP) provides the possibility of studying in Hungary for young Christian students living in the crisis region. please read the currently available information on the following website:
    The program offers the same benefits as of Stipendium Hungaricum students.

When does the application become available and when are the deadlines?

Do I need to pay for the application?


Do I need to register anywhere else than the application system?


What do I need to present in my medical certificate?

You need a proof of not having any infectious disease (HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C and any other epidemic condition)

Can I change my choice of study programme after the deadline?

No, it’s not possible.

Can I apply directly to the university for the scholarship?

No, you should submit all your documents on the application system.

Can I bring my family?

Only on your own cost.

Do I need a valid passport at the time of application?

It’s not important to have an international passport at the time of application. You may upload any kind of identification document into the application system, which has a photo on it.

However, you will definitely need a passport when getting your visa, so we suggest you start the procedure to get a passport as soon as possible.

Will I get an e-mail when I submitted all my documents?

Yes, you will be informed about successful application.

What is the latest that I can upload all required documents for application?

The final deadline for uploading all documents is 1st August.

When will I need to arrive in Hungary?

In September the latest, or until the deadline BME sets for students each academic year.

When will I get my first monthly allowance?

In the middle of October.

Can I apply for a PhD programme as a BSc student?

It is a general rule that current scholarship holders can apply for another training programme only if they complete their current programme by the end of the academic year and if they want to continue their studies in the next cycle (prep > BSc > MSc > PhD).

What will I need to upload to apply for the PhD program of Stipendium Hungaricum Programme when I’m in my final year of my MSc studies?

You should upload the following documents at the application:

  • the transcript of your records so far;
  • an official certificate of the expected date of finishing the school/programme and receiving the MSc diploma.

Later submission of the final document itself is accepted only if both of the listed documents are available when the evaluation process starts!

Can you tell me more about the application procedure of Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship for PhD students?

After uploading all required documents), Tempus Public Foundation and the sending partners make a pre-selection. Only applicants nominated by their sending partner are assessed by the universities whose uploaded materials are checked by our faculty to see if they meet the requirements. Qualifying applicants have the opportunity to choose 1-3 research topic(s) from an updated list. The relevant supervisors thoroughly evaluate the uploaded materials, and conduct entrance interviews via Skype. The decision on admission is based on the overall assessment of the applicants, as well as on the number of vacancies in the research groups.

I am interested in applying for Electrical Engineering Doctoral programme but my MSc degree is from a different field. Is it still possible to apply for it?

It is a criterium, when applying for Doctoral Programs, to have an MSc degree that corresponds to the field you are applying for.

Where can I find the Research topics of the Doctoral School?

They are usually announced in March or April each year, and will appear on a webpage accessible only to shortlisted applicants.

As a doctoral applicant, should I contact a future supervisor before applying? Will a recommendation letter from a professor increase my chances?

It is not possible for our faculty to assign a supervisor to you before your application, therefore please do not contact any potential supervisors before the entrance interview. The doctoral schools at our faculty will announce the available research topics only about 2 months after the application deadline.

What should the Research Plan include for doctoral applicants?

Your research plan should present your current research activities and results, also your further research interests which can include the shortened version of your MSc Thesis and you could also write about the research interest or plan of your further studies.

Will my application be rejected if one of the documents is not uploaded?

Applications that don’t meet the formal requirements will automatically be rejected.
Please check these rules on the following website:

When are admittance decisions made?

Applicants are informed between June-August.

What is the latest I have to enroll at the University?

It is usually the 4th week of the study period, those who miss the final date will be automatically excluded from the scholarship programme.

Can I also upload my language exam paper on 1st August as the latest for submitting all documents?

If you don’t have your certificate by the deadline of application, you should upload a statement or proof when your exam is due to be taken. Otherwise, you will not pass the preliminary document check.

As a scholarship holder, can I request an extension of my study period?

No, it is not possible.

How can I extend my scholarship?

You should request it before your original scholarship period expires. Before submitting your request to Tempus, you should get an approval both from our university and your sending partner. In order to get the BME approval, please send a message to in the middle of the semester prior to the semester you want to extend.

Is it possible to postpone the beginning of my studies?

It is possible exclusively because of health issues or unexpected reasons. Those students who have already arrived in Hungary and enrolled in a higher education institution are not entitled to request any postponement.

The scholarship is valid for 1 year. Your scholarship period starts when you actually start your studies. (Please also check: - IV.5)

The procedure is as follows:

  • You should submit a E004 request in Neptun System to our university that you want to postpone your enrolment.
  • Inform your sending partner that you want to postpone your studies.
  • When you receive both approvals, you should submit a written request to SiH (Unit of Tempus Public Foundation) along with the proof (i.e. a medical certificate).

Please note that according to the rules, you can have 2 passive semesters in a row.

If I choose to postpone for two semesters, is the scholarship going to be valid or should I get into the process again?

No, it won’t affect your scholarship which is valid for 1 year. Your scholarship period starts when you actually start your studies.

Am I entitled to get all the student benefits while I’m on a passive semester?

No, you can’t get the scholarship and will not get any other student or SH benefits (e.g.: dorm place, student travel pass). On the other hand, you can work full time all through the semester.

Can I work full-time and earn my degree?

As it’s written in point IV.11. of the Stipendium Hungaricum Operational Regulations (, you can work with the following time restrictions: max. 24 hours a week during the study periods, and max. 90 calendar days or 66 working days a year outside the study periods.

If you want to work full-time during the study period, you should take a passive semester. As it’s written in Title 16 (Sections 35-37) of the BME Code of Studies ( >> For current students >> Rules and regulations >> Code of studies and examinations) programs ), you can have maximum 2 passive semesters in a row, and altogether maximum 4.

As it’s written in point IV.6. of the Stipendium Hungaricum Operational Regulations, you cannot get the scholarship during a passive semester.

Who will help me when I arrive in Hungary?

There are Mentors appointed by the University who will organise: * the arrangement of the residence permission, Social Insurance Card * arrange workshops, tranings, social events, cultural and community programmes, tours, sport and free-time activities

and who will help you to solve: * finding accommodation, or room-mate, arranging anything related to hostel and move into the hostel; * problems related to education; * daily problems (like: medical treatment, police, bank, etc.); * language problems - if needed; * all the other problems emerging.

Please read:
and you can write to: (related to official issues)

What chances do I have to get a place in the dorm as a first year student?

Dormitory places are not allocated to PhD students, however each student is entitled to receive the accommodation allowance of HUF 40,000 / month which does not cover the full rental fee and overhead costs, even if you share the flat with other students.

Will I get an insurance card while being a scholarship holder?

Health care services and supplementary medical insurance for up to HUF 65,000 (cca EUR 205) a year/person is provided. The Mentor Team will help you arrange obtaining ‘TAJ’ (Insurance) card.

Can I transfer to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at BME from X University?

According to the present policy of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, we do not accept Stipendium Hungaricum transfer students because of the high number of transferring students from other universities.

Can I change programs within the faculty?

The change is possible only after you have been admitted to the applied programme, have enrolled for it, and have completed 1 semester (or 2 semesters) of it. Even in this case, the change should be approved not only by the university, but also by the sending partner and by Tempus.

What kind of language exam or certificate must be uploaded for the application?

For any applicant, the proof language proficiency should be EITHER

  • a certificate of secondary-school/BSc/MSc studies done fully in English, OR
  • a certificate of an internationally recognised, international language exam of overall B2 level:
    • IELTS overall band score 5.5 or higher
    • TOEFL IBT overall score 80 or higher
    • Cambridge FCE overall score 162 or higher
    • Pearson PTE level 3 or higher (general) / overall score 51 or higher (academic)