RobonAUT 2022

2022. február 12.

RobonAUT 2022 

Kövesd online 2022. február 12-én 10.00-tól ITT:

We kindly invite you, your collegaues friends and family for

RobonAUT 2022

online event

on Saturday, 12th February 2022 between 10am-1pm

where independently working robotcars compete with each other. The cars have to go through without human intervention an obstacle course and a speed track during which they fulfill as much tasks as they can. On the location of this extremely spectacular and fun event

we do not accept audience because of current epidemic situation

but you can follow the event in live online streaming accessible on our homepage.

RobonAUT is a robot building competition for Master’s students on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at BME. You can find more information below:


Staff of Department of Automation and Applied Informatics BME

Take a look at the possible vehicles of the future!



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